Challenge Maceió

The Challenge Maceió is the second race of the Challenge Family in Latin America. Headquartered in Pajuçara Beach, better known as Water Paradise, one of the most famous beaches of Maceio, busy and sought after by families with children and divers because of its sheltered waters, the race will take place on August 20 in a "half distance” format.

Challenge Maceió has a fast and flat course, and it is followed by the crystalline sea of the Pajuçara Beach along the way. The date was chosen to be at the end of the Brazilian winter, since the region is warm all year long, the sea is usually calm, the cycling takes place along a flat highway, while the running takes place along the avenue that accompanies the sea all the way. Calm water, fast highways, all accompanied by a stunning view and a great tourist infrastructure that attracts athletes from all over the world for this site. The weather for Challenge Maceió should be with milder temperatures of August, than the rest of the year, yet the high humidity is usually present all year long. The entire event will offer plenty of fun for all the family and friends who support athletes. It will include a kids event, Junior Challenge, one day before the main event, plus many other events designed for interaction among people of all ages.

Challenge Maceió course starts with a 1.9 km loop of the swim at the clear waters of the Pajuçara Beach. The cycling consistis on a two 45 km loop, with a total of 90 km, that beginst at Avenida Dr. Antônio Gouveia, right in front of the Pajuçara Beach, followed by the AL – 101 highway, passing through Pontal da Barra, crossing a beautiful bridge that leads to the turnaround near Vegetatiion Protected Area of Santa Rita. Finally, the 21.1 km run is done in a course of 02 loops, 100% by the sea, around the known Avenida Dr. Antônio Gouveia of Pajuçara Beach heading towards the beach of Ponta Verde.

Five Reasons to Compete

  1. Flat and fast  course designed for you to achieve your best times.
  2. Known by the most beautiful beaches of Brazil. 
  3. Unique and fun environment in Brazil. 
  4. Attractions for the whole family. 
  5. Route near beautiful beaches, shops, restaurants and easy access to the international airport.